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Christine Walkden

"Use the site and make it the first place that you and others look at before a garden visit."

" will allow actual garden visitors to report their own experiences of the thrills and spills of their own visit, thus allowing a realistic evaluation to be expressed by a person who has been round the garden themselves. I think it is fantastic that Bella and now Mark, who have disabilities themselves, are offering a website dedicated to the realities of garden visiting for people with disabilities."
- Christine Walkden -


"Welcome. I am Mark the new editor of Accessible Gardens. I am delighted to take the reins of the site and I look forward to receiving your new reports / reviews of the wonderful collection of public gardens and historic places that England and Wales are famous for. We have the best gardens in the world, so let's share our experiences and make all gardens accessible for everyone - they need to be inclusive for all! As I am the only recognised garden designer in a wheelchair I have a unique perspective and will continue to add reviews as I visit gardens."



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Welcome to Accessible Gardens


This website provides articles and reviews on the accessibility of gardens for children, disadvantaged families, disabled, less-able bodied and able-bodied people. It has a Directory of Gardens in England and Wales with reviews written by disabled people for disabled people.


The Directory is also useful for families with pushchairs, in fact anyone who has an interest in visiting our great public gardens and historic sites.


This is a voluntary site and is free to download.


Founded and edited by Bella D'Arcy Reed, Accessible Gardens is now run and edited by Mark Lane from / Mark is a garden designer, disabled and in a wheelchair, and a BBC Presenter for BBC Gardeners' World and the RHS Flower Shows. Mark is also an accessibility consultant for gardens and organisations. Mark and Acessible Gardens will continue to champion the rights of people with all abilities, disadvantaged familes and children to enjoy the wonderful public and sometimes private gardens that England and Wales have to offer. Gardens should be 'Inclusive' to all.


Our aims are:

  • to cover the whole of the UK with independent reports / reviews of the accessibility of gardens written by people with disabilities;
  • to put people in touch with new ideas on accessibility for all people of all abilities, organisations that undertake work already and encourage more work with communities and schools;
  • to review tools and gardening techniques for people with disabilities;
  • to provide links to websites of interest to people with disabilities and their families, to school gardens and community projects;
  • to assist gardens with their accessibility and with the information they put on their website;
  • to put people / organisations in touch with gardens / organisations and with each other.
  • to get more people into more gardens.


Garden Accessibility Reports / Reviews


The reports / reviews sent to this website must be independent. All reports are sent to the gardens involved so they can comment and add extra information. The reports / reviews are kept up-to-date through new writing and news from the gardens themselves.


Send us your Garden Accessibility Reports / Reviews to .



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