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August 2017 - Read this fascinating article about Mark Harrison who has designed the incredible Triple Tread:


Also, watch the insightful video on the following YouTube link:




August 2017 - Creating an Accessible Garden. Below is a link to a useful article from Kelly from Trusted Tree Surgeons. Enjoy:




From a disabled garden designer

by Bella D'Arcy Reed


June 2016



[Please click on the PDF below for the article.]

2016-06-20 - all-that-business-by-bella [...]
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May 2016 - Please read the new review on Canterbury Cathedral Gardens, Kent

Off to Chelsea Flower Show 2016 - a review in our Directory will follow shortly.


Seats for all at the garden table


Read Mark's article in the June 2016 edition of the Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) magazine The Garden.



Please look at, set up by Jason who has MS. The site is amazing and there are over 80,000 reviews in over 100 countries. Like Accessible Gardens the goal is to advocate inclusivity for everyone, and to help people plan their trips with more ease and feel they have a significant resource to hand.

Please look at this amazing new wheelchair. Money is being raised to make the Ogo available in the UK. It is absolutely amazing and I have been in touch with Ogo Technology. Like it on Facebook, share and spread the news. Please click on the link:



Please visit for a really useful free e-Book entitled "Accessible Days out Guide" - It's a great read. Many thanks Steering Developments for such a useful Guide.


As they report in their March Tag: If you're planning a day out, between our guide and Mark's website you should be able to find somewhere that will be perfect no matter what your mobility needs. Leave a review, check out the existing reviews, and let us know what you think. 

Should gardening be accessible for all?


Read Mark's article in the 25th Anniversary Edition of BBC Gardeners' World magazine on 'Should gardening be accessible for all?',

Debate on the continued use of the Wheelchair Symbol


I thought I would open the debate on the continued use of the Wheelchair Symbol. Replacing this with a non-specific image, coupled with widespread communications, offers a fantastic opportunity to discuss non-visible disabilities. It will remove the ‘benchmarking’ against the use of a wheelchair. National news/debates/press will serve a useful vehicle to educate the vast majority of the public and address negative attitudes and perceptions with regards, for example, mental-ill health.


Warm regards


Adrian Treharne





An interview with Christine Walkden, Champion of Accessible Gardens


Accessible Gardens will allow actual garden visitors to report their own experiences of the thrills and spills of their own visit, thus allowing a realistic evaluation to be expressed by a person who has been round the garden themselves. I think it is fantastic that Bella, who has disabilities herself, is offering a website dedicated to the realities of garden visiting for people with disabilities... [Please click on the PDF below for the full interview.]

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An interview with Jeremy Scott, blind gardener of the year 2010


Gardener Jeremy Scott was named Thrive and RNIB’s Blind Gardener of the Year, 'Champion of Champions’ in October 2010. He was named Blind Gardener of the Year in 2009 and his inspiring` work at his garden once again wowed the judges and earned him the coveted title of 'Champion of Champions’. He talked to Bella D'Arcy Reed over the telephone from his home in Uckfield, East Sussex... [Please click on the PDF below for the full interview.}

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Designing gardens for people with disabilities


Astute observations and an informed approach go further than official guidelines when designing private or public places for disabled users... [Please click on the PDF below for the full article']

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Tools review by Miriam Heppell


The Fiskars weeding tool, pictured, was tested on a variety of weeds of different root depths and proved itself to be a very efficient weed grabber... [Please click on the PDF below for the full review.]

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Opening all the gates


[This project] aims to encourage access and new audiences for historic gardens and to ensure that the widest possible cross-section of the community is able to discover and enjoy these special places... [Please click on the PDF below for the full article.]

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Making historic gardens accessible


Funding help from HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund): The HLF is known for giving grants to restore historic gardens, but it also funds projects to make these gardens and public parks accessible to people with disabilities... [Please click on the PDF below for the full report.]

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Accessible Kew


Anna McDermott, a member of Kew Gardens’ Access Forum, reports on how to make the best of your visit... [Please click on the PDF below for the full report.]

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Hestercombe: Accessible play in a heritage setting


Fun and games at Hestercombe Gardens. Hestercombe Gardens Trust manages roughly 100 acres of Crown-owned estate in the heart of Somerset, just north of Taunton. The gardens themselves represent 50 acres that encompass over three centuries of garden history... [Please click on the PDF below for the full article.]

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