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Bourton House Garden, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 9AE
Telephone: 01386 700754

Review by Bella D'Arcy Reed


The gardens at Broughton Manor are quite beautiful - and accessible to wheels, except for one little step up, which you can negotiate around. It is truly worth it for the flowers, and the combinations of plants. These are glorious, as you can see from the pictures. It is a box of treats for the herbaceous border lover.


The gardeners there are helpful and will happily answer questions. I loved it. There is a tea room with plenty of space for wheelchairs and scooters. The car park is on the opposite side of the road so take care when crossing. Highly recommended.



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Kiftsgate Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6LN


This is a garden where you can experience the top part with wheels but not the lower parts the path is too steep for wheels. The top part is a terrace with some nice plant combinations, but uncles you can walk a bit with a stick you cannot access the mid-terrace. It is nevertheless worth a visit for the range of plants on sale - these are simply irresistible fro a gardener - I bought 14! If I had had my own car I would have bought a carload. This is what made Kiftsgate exciting – the fact that the plants are not mass-produced but as if ‘dug up’ from the garden especially for you! What is also interesting is that it is a family-run gardens and the person who takes your plant money is likely to ne one of the family. They offer teas throughout the season and light meals in May June and July.



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Hidcote Manor, almost next door to Kifsgate


This is almost next door to Kiftsgate, so you can do both in one day. Hidcote is accessible for the most part - just one or two places where you have to back-track to get to another space. For spaces is what Hidcote is make of : the garde which is supposed to have started the fashion for 'rooms' in a large garden. It has a red border for which it is famous, full of dahlias, crocosmias and pelargonium's when I went in July. To see this, I had to walk up a few steps to the little summer house, otherwise, on wheels it is only viewable from the other end - but you can see the double red beds and the perspective. There is a new part of the garden which has a difficult cobbled path - not really accessible - some nice tourist had to help me out of the ruts - so - don't go there without a friend! The pleached avenue is a pleasure. to see, as are the yews and the topiary birds. This is a National Trust property so the tea room is good!



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Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 9AW
Telephone: 01386 700444


I had heard about this Indian –inspired house and garden and, with my interest in things Eastern, I was looking forward to it very much. The house is a gem! Outside and inside. People on wheels are welcome – and the website is helpful in that if you contact the gardens you will be sent full details of accessibility. I was able to go inside with a stick but I could have taken my wheels inside . I assume that if it is muddy outside this could be a problem, but the guide was so nice I can’t see that it would be so provided you have a paper towel ot two. You must go inside- there is one room with the most glorious wallpaper painting of an ‘Indian’ scene all the way round in greens, blues and greys which complements perfectly the scene outside. This scene includes two fibreglass elephants,an addition by the current owners, but they are not in the least tacky – we all loved them. Outside, there is lot of space to wheel around and see the various shrubs and scenery. But the conservatory is bliss – it is the curve and shape of it that is so enchanting. Planting is place at the windows in repetition which complements the shape itself. Do go – but look at the website first for opening times. Oh the website – on my computer the home page has writing so faint it is actually illegible – you can just see that there are words so you click on them to find text coming up – which is readable.

Owner's Comments:

Please remind wheelchair users that the garden is on a hill and has gravel paths so it is not ideal for wheelchairs, but there is still plenty that is accessible.




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