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Let's get more disabled people in to gardens and gardening!

October 2018 - Here is a quick read on 13 Amazing Drought Tolerant Plants that Hardly need Any Water -



May 2018 - thank you Elise Owens for this interesting article on vermi-composting. Please click



May 2018 - Many thanks to Claire Hamilton for a very useful article on accessible gardening. Please click



March  2018 - Here is a useful link from Manuel Backes. There are some helpful tips:



February 2018 - Julien de Bosdari has created an online pollination checker for fruit trees, which you can find at




September 2017 - Here is a useful link from Kelsey for composting in urban areas and for people without a garden. We hope you find it useful:




August 2017 - watch this fascinating video on YouTube about the Triple Tread bicycle, designed by Mark Harrison who is living with MS:




July 2017 - Mark is delighted to be a new Ambassador for Greenfingers, the national charity that creates magical gardens for children and their families to enjoy when spending time in a hospice. Visit




December 2016


Here is a useful article with references to other useful sites for creating a Beach garden. Enjoy!



November 2016


Mark Lane and Accessible Gardens are proud to be associated with Thrive the national charity using gardening to change lives

November 2016


Thank you Emily and Miss VanAllen for the following useful link. We are sure you will find the guide to composting at home an informative read:

July 2016


Brianna Smith has recommended the following website for those of us who garden organically and think about the environment: . Although not directly related to gardening or accessibility, many of the tips use natural ingredients which in turn are less harmful to nature and the environment that we want to enjoy.



July 2016


Please look at Monarch Mobility's site for a review of Accessible Gardens, accessible attractions and Mark Lane, the first recognised UK garden designer in a wheelchair.


Click on this link:


"Fortunately, the UK is home to some of the prettiest gardens around the world and you don’t have to travel far to see an array of flora and fauna in accessible surroundings. Mark Lane is the editor of accessiblegardens, which lets visitors review the gardens they’ve visited. His advice to others is:


'Access needs and requirements are always a worry, but it is so important to enjoy time with friends and family. There are several sources on the Internet, such as accessiblegardens...



19-05-2016 - Thank you Mike Jensen for the following links. I am certain visitors to this site will find them useful:

Words from the editors: "The editors have chosen the most popular plants and provided the essential information you need for choosing, planting, and maintaining them."  



06-04-2016 - A big thank you to Cassidy Miles who suggested the following sites, which are full of very useful information, gardening tips, handy gardening tools and lots more:



05-04-2016 - Please look at AXSMap for 80,000 disability reviews in over 100 countries:




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